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Why work with a REALTOR® who belongs to RMLS™?

A Bigger Audience

More REALTORS® Will See Your Listing
Your lisitng will be viewed by 11,000 REALTORS® who are members of RMLS™. This gives your listing a wide exposure, including over 70% of all REALTORS® in Oregon!

More Buyers Will See Your Listing
Our public website,, sees a lot of traffic. In July 2014, there were 4.9 million page views and over 134,000 unique visitors — one third of whom were new visitors to the site. The average time spent on the site was 10 1/2 minutes. Visitors who are looking to buy.

Even More People Will See Your Listing
All RMLS™ listings appear on, a national website for home searches, as well as specialized databases that only REALTORS® can access. Your REALTOR® may also work with us to get your listing featured on other regional sites, national sites, and more.

Your REALTOR® Has Tools at Their Disposal
Inside RMSLweb, our member website, our subscribers have a set of powerful tools at their fingertips. National databases such as REALTORS® Property Resource, Find, and ShackShout! give your REALTOR® access to detailed neighborhood information. Reports available on RMLSweb help your REALTOR® evaluate your home based on the local market…right now.


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